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  • The only waterproof socket, even with the plug inserted.

    Wide is the only socket in the world for 3-module wall boxes that maintains IP55 protection rating even with the plug inserted. Wide uses the brilliant Hide idea and completes it with a patented protection system against infiltrations. No other socket in the world can offer a similar performance.

    Waterproof // Thanks to the exclusive and patented support, Wide is waterproof with the plug is inserted.

    Attractive // The only socket for outdoors that matches harmoniously with the architectural design.

    Complete // Wide can mount the 4box body range, to meet all service needs.

    Easier to install.

    Wide can be installed in common 3-module wall boxes. This makes it perfect for new installations or renovations because it uses the existing box. Making existing plants compliant is easier because, by being able to reuse the 3-module boxes already installed, interventions can be performed without masonry work.
    As an alternative to the 3-module wall box version, Wide is also available in another version with a wall casing and IP67 protection rating.


    The tilting jack allows the insertion of the most common plugs, also of the 90° Shuko one. To actuate the movement you simply need the pressure of the plug-in. Wide guarantees the protection of the system and keeps the IP55 protection of the plug inserted installed in flushmounted three modules mounting box, or IP67 if installed in its special wall mounting box.

    What is the IP rating?
    It is a conventional scale that, in electrical engineering, indicates the degree of protection of an object from contact with solids and liquids.