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  • The new and unique 4box multifunction control

    Uniko splits into four.
    Switch, Diverter, Inverter e Button, all in one control. Uniko is the new intelligent 4box solution compatible with the main civil series that allows you to install four types of controls depending on how you connect the cables to the terminals on the back.


    Decide on-site how you want to use Uniko. If you have to replace a defective control you always have what you need to do the job.


    Uniko offers its many solutions at a price that is very competitive compared to traditional controls.


    Uniko is aesthetically similar to the civil series, offering compatibility in both finishing and colour. This makes it a valid alternative to the traditional controls available on the market.


    An innovative mechanism for enabling and disabling the spring inside the control using a standard flat or Phillips screwdriver lets you decide whether to use Uniko as a switch or as a button. All in an easy, fast and safe way!


    BTICINO® // Livinglight™, Matix™
    VIMAR® // Arkè™, Plana™, Eikon™
    GEWISS® // System™, Chorus™

    All trademarks are registered by their respective owners. 4 BOX S.r.l. does not manufacture nor sell any frames, mounting brackets, sockets and devices from other manufacturers’ wiring systems.


    You can use the unipolar switch to turn lamps or other devices on or off from a single point in the house, and you can turn on as many of them as you want.


    A diverter is used to turn lamps or other devices on or off from 2 or more different points. To connect to 2 different points that control the same lamp, the 2 diverters must be connected to each other.


    An inverter is used to turn lamps or other devices on or off from 3 or more different points. By adding an inverter to 2 diverters you can control the turning on from 3 separate points. In addition to the 3 points you always need only 2 diverters and the number of inverters necessary to complete the system.


    A button is a device that is usually used with relay circuits. The button is equipped with a spring mechanism that, when pressed, sends an impulse to the coil that controls the switching on or off of lamps or other devices. With the button it is possible to control the load from 1 or more distinct points.

    There are two types of buttons in system design:
    Normally open (NO): as soon as it is pressed it closes the circuit.
    Normally closed (NC): as soon as it is pressed it opens the circuit.