Forget all about adaptors: with Side, you can take advantage of having two functions in one device. A type F outlet and two by-pass outlets. Side is compatible with the most popular domestic ranges.


Three sockets in one, one Type F or two by-passes.

Compatible with the most popular domestic ranges

No need for adapters


A single clamp for fast and easy installation

Patented product


1. No more adapters

With Side you can connect schuko outlets without the use of adapters.

2. Space saving

Thanks to Side you can use two sockets at the same time in one fruit.

3. Versatile

Side allows you to use standard Italian (2P 10A, 2P+T 10A, 2P+T 16A) and German (2P+T) sockets.

4. Easy to install

Side is equipped with a single clamp that makes installation easier and faster.

Serie civili compatibili


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Side compatible with Bticino

6,55 15,25 

Side compatible with Gewiss

6,70 13,35 

Side compatible with Vimar

8,60 17,00 

Side IP40/IP55

7,50 16,25 

Side panel

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