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Bitappo is the innovative solution made to simplify the installation process. A 10/16 A socket and two frontalines ready to be installed. The frontalines can be removed to build a different outlet point everytime you need.


One product per socket point, one two-pin and two hole covers

Compatible with popular civilian series

No more tools! Built-in cable stripper.


Quick and easy installation


Choose, detach, install

Bitappo was created to simplify and speed up your work. The convenience you’ve been waiting for in one ready-to-use modular product that you can break down and reassemble as needed to customize your outlet with ever-changing solutions.




No more tools with Stripper

4box presents Stripper, a solution as simple as it is ingenious that allows you to strip cables of two different diameters, speeding up the installation and without using other tools.

Choose the diameter

Turn your hole cover over, you will find two recesses for stripping 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm diameter cables.

2. Insert the cable

Once you have chosen the recess, insert the cable to be stripped.

3. Press and cut

Slightly press the cable and rotate it to etch the sheath thanks to the sharp profile of the recess.

4. Pull the cable

Pull the cable outward to remove the cut sheathing.

Serie civili compatibili


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Bitappo compatible with Bticino

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Bitappo compatible with Gewiss


Bitappo compatible with Vimar

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