Wide is the only socket in the world that retains its IP55 rating even with the plug inserted when installed in the 3-module flush-mounted box and IP66 with its wall-mounted housing. Wide takes advantage of Hide's ingenious idea and complements it with a system of protection against contact with solids and liquids. No other socket in the world can offer similar performance.


Compatible with series most popular civil

Various compatible fruits according to one’s needs

IP55 and IP66 degree of protection

Versatile, also allows the insertion of schuko 90° plugs


More waterproof

Thanks to the unique holder, Wide is waterproof with the plug inserted and maintains IP55 or IP66 rating.

More beautiful

Wide’s elegant design allows the product to be placed in both residential settings such as balconies and gardens, and tertiary/industrial settings.

More comprehensive

With Wide you can use the most common types of plugs on the Italian market.

Serie civili compatibili


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Wide’s accessories

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Wide’s accessories

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