Uniko is the new smart solution from 4Box. It is compatible with the most popular domestic ranges and allows you to benefit from four different types of controls, depending on the cable connection mode in the terminals on the back.


Four-in-one: Quattro in uno: switch, by-pass switch, inverter or pressbutton

Compatible with the most popular domestic ranges

No need to change control to change the function

Cost-effective and affordable

Possibility to light Uniko up

Uniko is a patented product



Decide how you want to use Uniko. IIn the case of replacing a faulty control, you always have what you need to carry out the procedure.


Convenient in price as well, Uniko offers its multiple solutions at a competitive price compared to traditional controls.


Uniko is aesthetically similar in colours and finishes to the domestic ranges with which is compatible. This makes it a viable alternative to the traditional controls on the market.


Choose whether to use Uniko as a switch, diverter, inverter, or push-button (NO/NC)*. If you change your mind Uniko is easily modifiable.

2. Change

With a standard screwdriver, turn the lever upward to use Uniko as a push button, rotate the lever downward to use Uniko as a rocker control.

Serie civili compatibili


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Uniko compatible with Bticino

2,95 7,10 

Uniko compatible with Gewiss

2,95 6,15 

Uniko compatible with Vimar

3,00 9,95 
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